Product Descriptions – Do yours fulfill one of the two basic human needs?


There are two basic needs for humans: 1. To avoid pain. 2. To gain pleasure.

We also make decisions based on these needs, including the decision to buy your product.

With more and more businesses selling their products online, it’s more important than ever to express in your product descriptions how your products can solve problems, pains, or predicaments for your customer at the emotional level. We as humans buy on emotion.

You’ve worked really hard on your product. I will make sure your product descriptions stand out at the emotional level.

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The Three Fundamentals

I will craft your product descriptions based on three fundamentals:

  1. Feature/Benefit style (this is where the emotion comes in) – Each feature will have a key benefit and advantage. I will also make sure your (USP) unique selling proposition clearly states how your product can solve problems, pains, or predicaments for your customer and is different from your competitors.
  2. Avoid vague statements, superlatives and cliches – Product descriptions need to be precise, so I will use words that specifically detail the product and avoid using fluff adjectives that don’t distinguish it.
  3. Keywords and key phrases – I will use the appropriate keywords and key phrases to make the product description SEO friendly.  I have access to one of the most advanced, powerful, accurate, and robust keyword research platforms on the market for researching and managing keywords. Your product descriptions will utilize the best keywords for that product.

Sample Work:

Amazon Product Listing

Product Description Sample Page

Product Description Sample

My Process when Working with Clients

Anyone who has worked in business, including yourself, may have a story or two about working with agencies or other business service providers. Whether you overpaid, didn’t get your project finished in time or weren’t able to get a hold of the account manager or designer on the project, it’s not a pleasurable experience.

I want to address this up front:

I use a transparent and honest process when working with clients.

  1. Price quotes and rates – I will not give you a proposal or quote until I have received all the information and details regarding your project. I will not give you a rate sheet without explaining the value of every cost to you.
  2. Do you need a quick turnaround for your web copy?  Then I’m not your guy. When I write your copy, I will take my time thoroughly crafting it for your brand as well as make sure everything is free of grammar and spelling errors.
  3. Speaking of grammar and spelling errors – Doesn’t it bother you when you get any piece of writing, and there are various grammar and spelling errors? I work with a writing assistant to make sure your piece of copy is checked and double checked for grammar or spelling errors.
  4. Are you tired of not being able to get a response from a freelancer, agency, or contractor you are working with on a project?  When I am working with you, I am also here to answer your questions or to go over anything with you. Most of the time, expect to hear back from me within 24 hours.
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