Write for Marketing – Empathize with and Solve Your Customers’ Problems.

Customer screaming into phone.In any industry, it should always be about the customers and how a business or product can solve their problems. The more a business can explain how their product or service can solve a customer’s problem, the more likely the customer will understand why they need it. Broadly providing a solution to a problem and then pounding it down everyone’s throats, provides no value to anyone. Advertising was done this way for years, but it’s starting to change now. How many commercials do you remember doing this? There are some companies that still do this, but now our brain is so turned off to them that their messages don’t even register. So why don’t you write for marketing and empathize with your customers’ problems? Don’t shout out them, listen to what they are saying. Find out what their problems are and provide solutions. In this post, I will touch on how to create and define your customer, solve their problems, find out where they are, and write for marketing to them.

Creating your Customer.

What are you trying to accomplish?

You created a product, or you provide a service. Why? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to solve a problem for a niche?

Who are you solving a problem for?

At the same time, you are creating your product or service you need to be thinking about who you are going to serve. In marketing, this person (customer) is called your avatar or buyer persona. Get familiar with the details of this person (background, needs, interests, goals) and then create them, give them a name, and design or find an image. You can find an image by doing a google search through google images. Print out the image and put it somewhere where you can see it.

What problems do these customers have?

You will need to do some comprehensive and detailed research. What are their problems, predicaments, or pains and, where are they going to find solutions to these? What do they read or watch on a daily basis? Read what they read and watch what they watch. Study what they are doing so you can understand and empathize with them and start thinking like them. This research will also begin to give you an idea of how to communicate with them.

How are you solving their problems?

Yes you are providing a service or product, but what are you really doing for your buyer persona? What problem or problems are you solving?

Another way of thinking about it:

Are you making life easier for them?

Are you making life safer for them? Piece of mind?

Are you saving them time?

Are you giving them more value than your competitors? What value do you bring?

Is your offer affordable and saving them money?

Basically the reason people make the decision to buy is related to if the product or service is going to give them pleasure or avoid pain for them. Successfully show how your product or service can do that for your customer, and you’re on your way to a loyal client.

Where can you find your customers?

Now that you have an idea of the problems you are going to solve for your buyer persona, you will need to go back to your research. Where are they going to find answers to their questions? Where are they going to get solutions to their problems?

Here are some places online your customers are most likely going to, to solve their problems.

  1. Search Engines/ Google – research on anything
  2. YouTube – research/ How-to videos/ tutorials
  3. Facebook – Ask questions to get answers/ news (in real time)
  4. Twitter – Ask questions to get answers/ news (in real time)
  5. Amazon – Search for products and read reviews
  6. Email subscriptions – Keep them updated and informed
  7. Blog subscriptions – How-tos, information

Go to these places online. Listen to what they are saying and take note of the words and phrases they are using.

Put it all together – Solve your avatar’s problems by educating and informing them.

Now that you know who your avatar is, what their problems are, how to solve their problems, and where they are online, you need to write for marketing to them. When you write for marketing, write as if you are writing directly to your buyer persona/ avatar, that image you have for them. Hopefully, by now, you should know this person well and should be able to empathize with them and use their language. You should be excited to offer them help and solutions to their problems, so write like that. Don’t write like you are writing for a billboard on the side of the expressway where anyone who drives a car can see it.

Since you know where they are hanging out online, make sure to follow the rules of each platform they are on. There are certain ways to write on Facebook, and it is different from writing on Twitter or LinkedIn. Use the same keywords and key phrases as your buyer persona when writing for search engines so that they can find your content.

Now offer up content that educates, informs, and solves problems. Offer them enough high-quality content that they will begin to trust you as the authority in that niche. Your buyer persona will come to you for answers and solutions.

Lastly, get them to take action. Since you provide this educational content, ask them to sign up with their email address for your free e-book or for notifications of every time you post new blog content or whatever action you want them to take.

Conclusion – Write for Marketing.

As you can see, it’s a process to write for marketing. You can’t just write to the masses and expect to solve all their problems. You need to research and know your customer/buyer persona/avatar in great detail. While learning who they are, you will begin to empathize with and have a desire to truly help them with their problems. Then provide content to them that adds value by educating and informing. As repayment from your buyer persona for providing this great content, your business will become the go-to business for your particular niche. Why else would you have a business that offers products or services?

Are you having trouble creating your buyer persona or avatar and trying to write for marketing?


2 thoughts on “Write for Marketing – Empathize with and Solve Your Customers’ Problems.”

  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Justin. It’s something that many business owners know, on some level, but it’s easy for the concept to get lost in the shuffle. Thanks for bringing it into the forefront, where it belongs!

    1. You’re welcome. As business owners we can definitely get caught up in our own product and business and forget about our customers. But the whole point of our business is to solve our customers’ problems.

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